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Annual Memberships are renewed at a flat rate regardless of join date, for all members annually on July 1st until further notice.  

WAND Annual Membership

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  • If you are interested in controlling the development of your own professional practice, join us today! Renew annually on July 1st.

  • WAND is a registered non-profit corporation.

    No refunds will be given. 

    Membership applications are reviewed by the WAND Board of Directors members and approved individually.  

    Annual fees will not be prorated and will be due for renewal for all members July 1st.

    Membership is exclusive and your contribution pays for the maintenance of this site and resources as well as other opportunities yet to be discovered as we all work together to advance the practice of the RND.

    You may join and participate as much or as little as you'd like, but no refunds will be granted regardless of circumstances.

    If your conduct violates policies or is registered as a complaint, the Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke your membership at any time without refund or explanation.

    With paid membership approval you will be given access to special members only areas and resources of this website.

    You grant permission for WAND members to contact you by email or phone or social media.   


    By submitting your application for membership and payment you agree to these terms.  


    We look forward to becoming better acquainted with the use of technology!

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